NIX Solutions: You Can Now Share AirTag with Other People

New AirTag features from Apple
  • Expanding the rules for using AirTag trackers from Apple.
  • The appearance of the function of sharing trackers with other accounts.
  • Benefits of sharing trackers for families and couples.
  • Upcoming iOS 17 update with the ability to share Find My Devices.
NIX Solutions
Share and track with AirTag
  • Apple provides the ability to share AirTag trackers with up to five other people.
  • Advanced features allow you to track objects in real time using the Find My application.
  • A group of users can see the location, play audio, and use Precision Finding to pinpoint the location of the tracker.
  • The ability to share trackers is especially useful for families and couples, making it easier to find each other’s stuff.
  • The iOS 17 update with the new feature is expected later this year, opening up new opportunities for AirTag users.
Extending Apple’s Find My functionality
  • Previously, the tracker sharing feature was not available on the Apple Find My network.
  • The introduction of a new tracker division option gives users more control and convenience.
  • Users can quickly find lost items, share location, and make life easier for their family and friends.
  • The ability to use this function extends not only to AirTag, but also to other Find My network accessories from Apple.

The iOS 17 update with Apple’s expanded AirTag rules promises a significant improvement in the user experience, opening up new opportunities for shared tracking and sharing by trackers, concludes NIX Solutions. This will make our daily lives easier and more convenient, especially for families and couples, and is expected to be looked forward to later this year.