NIX Solutions’ Finding: Be My Eyes iOS app – Become the Eyes for Blind People

Be My Eyes is a mobile application for iOS that connects blind people and volunteers, who are ready to help in various everyday situations via video chat.

According to NIX Solutions’ experts, Be My Eyes is a crowdsourcing application based on the iPhone video call feature, designed to help blind people in difficult situations by getting instant help from volunteers.

Checking the expiry date of products or going to the other side of the street – such actions become an insoluble task for visually impaired and blind people. The Be My Eyes app uses a simple solution to such problems.

When such a person needs help, they simply launch the application and include a video chat with one of the registered volunteers. The phone can be directed to the desired object and the volunteer will tell you what you need to choose or how to act.

To date, more than 96 thousand people have already joined the project and 7,621 blind and visually impaired people have received assistance in 19,213 cases.

Founder of the project, Hans Jorgen Wiberg, who is visually impaired himself, believes that the Be My Eyes project will be a tool to help the community and will also change the daily lives of people with visual impairments around the world.

The application includes game mechanics for the best involvement of volunteers, where you can earn points and move to new levels.