NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Introduces Advanced Sticker Editing Tool

WhatsApp has introduced a powerful tool for creating and editing custom stickers, available exclusively on devices running iOS 17 and later. While the messenger had previously offered the ability to create stickers by dragging files from the gallery, this new tool takes customization to the next level.


Creating and Editing Stickers:

To create a new sticker, users can open the dedicated WhatsApp panel, select the “Create Sticker” command, and choose an image from the gallery. In the editor, they can cut out specific image fragments, add text, or incorporate additional elements. The tool now enables the combination of stickers, allowing users to enhance their messaging experience further.

Editing Existing Stickers:

Users can also edit existing stickers by accessing the collection, selecting the desired sticker, and holding their finger on it. From there, they can choose the “Edit Sticker” command, providing a seamless editing experience within the WhatsApp app.

Platform-Specific Features:

While the tool for creating stickers initially appeared in the web version of WhatsApp, the mobile application offers a more convenient experience for users. Notably, the option to edit existing stickers is currently exclusive to WhatsApp for iOS 17, while iOS 16 users can create stickers only. Android device owners, on the other hand, can currently view stickers created by others, leave reactions, or generate stickers using AI, notes NIX Solutions.

WhatsApp users on iOS 17 and later can now enjoy a more sophisticated and personalized sticker experience, enhancing the visual aspect of their conversations.