NIX Solutions: Apple postponed Policy Update Concerning User Tracking

Apple has postponed a policy update for iOS apps that will oblige developers to request permission to track user activity to early 2021. The postponement is needed to give developers time to make the necessary changes, SearchEngines explained.

Anyone working with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 will have to request permission to “track” apps and third-party websites, as well as access the advertising ID. Thus, the new rules will apply not only to iPhone owners. You will have to obtain consent on both iPad and Apple TV boxes.

In addition to the mandatory request for consent, application developers must add information about the collection of data. The App Store requires developers to specify what data they can use to track user actions and to identify themselves across devices. If there is a third-party code, f.i. an advertising or analytics SDK, you will have to explain what data it collects, how it can use it, and whether it can be used for “surveillance”.

“Surveillance” includes displaying targeted advertisements in the app, transferring information (location, contacts, advertising and other IDs) to data brokers or third-party ad networks, embedding a third-party SDK. Obtaining consent will be carried out through the AppTrackingTransparency framework.

Internet companies that make money from advertising oppose the restrictions, since user data is the basis for targeting and displaying relevant ads. Facebook has already warned its partners that the upcoming launch of iOS 14 could lead to a drop in Audience Network revenue of more than 50%, adds NIX Solutions.