NIX Solutions: Apple Releases iOS 17.3 Beta

Apple unveiled the second beta versions of its upcoming developer updates, following the release of the previous versions three weeks earlier. Registered developers can access these updates through the Settings app > Software Update by linking a special developer profile to their Apple ID.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Security Features

iOS 17.3 introduces iPhone Theft Protection, significantly enhancing security by restricting access to personal information in case of theft. This feature mandates Face ID or Touch ID authentication for accessing passwords, disabling Lost Mode, making Safari purchases, and more. Additionally, certain actions, like changing the Apple ID password or disabling Find My iPhone, now necessitate not only verification but also a waiting period of one hour.

New Addition: Collaborative Playlists

Beyond security updates, iOS 17.3 brings a fresh addition with Apple Music collaborative playlists. These playlists are user-friendly, shareable via links, and support emoji reactions, allowing seamless collaboration among users, notes NIX Solutions.

The updates, including iOS 17.3, are anticipated to be available for public release by the end of January. Developers and users alike are looking forward to these enhancements and new features.