NIXsolutions: Microsoft Edge Testing Exciting New Features

Microsoft is currently in the process of testing various features within its Edge browser, not only focusing on the Edge settings lock on non-activated Windows 11, but also exploring more practical functionalities such as Circle to Copilot. This feature bears resemblance to Google’s Circle to Search, which was introduced earlier this year.


Circle to Copilot: Revolutionizing Screen Search

Circle to Copilot, already appearing in test builds of Edge for Windows 11 and iOS, promises a novel way of interacting with information on screens. This innovative feature employs artificial intelligence to allow users to search for information within a specified area of the screen. By simply circling the desired content, users can prompt Copilot to retrieve relevant information.

To access this functionality on iOS devices, users must first enable the experimental Edge image circle Copilot flag. By navigating to edge://flags in the browser’s address bar and searching for Copilot, users can activate the feature before restarting the browser. Once enabled, users can initiate Circle to Copilot by pressing and holding the Copilot button in Edge, prompting the browser to capture a screenshot and load it into a new page. From there, users can specify the area they wish to search.

Although Copilot currently lacks the capability to extract text from screenshots, this anticipated feature is likely to be integrated in future updates, notes NIXsolutions.

Chat with Image: Enhancing AI Interaction

Another experimental feature, Chat with Image, complements Circle to Copilot by providing additional functionality. Users can click the “camera” icon in the Copilot window to prompt the AI to analyze an image, search for it in Bing, or attempt to scan a QR or barcode.

As Microsoft continues to innovate and refine its browser experience, we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments across multiple platforms.