NIXSolutions: Microsoft 365 Suite Launches for Apple Vision Pro

This week, Microsoft is set to unveil a suite of Microsoft 365 apps tailored for the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. These applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Loop, and Teams, will be available for download on the App Store simultaneously with the release of Apple’s AR/VR headset in the United States on February 2.

NIX Solutions

Introducing Copilot: An AI Assistant for Vision Pro Users

Vision Pro owners can leverage Copilot, an AI assistant designed to assist in drafting, summarizing documents, and creating PowerPoint presentations using voice commands. Word for Vision Pro now includes support for a focus mode, akin to the reading mode in desktop versions, and a ribbon interface. PowerPoint enables the creation of individual slides for subsequent compilation into presentations, while Excel offers functionalities such as chart creation, table generation, and data analysis, mirroring the features of regular versions.

Teams Enhancements: Face-Scanned Avatars and Seamless Transfers

Teams, Microsoft’s collaboration platform, introduces notable enhancements for Vision Pro users, adds NIXSolutions. Like Zoom’s Vision Pro app, Teams supports Apple’s face-scanned digital avatars during video calls, along with emoji reactions and the ability to utilize Teams chats. Notably, users can effortlessly transfer Teams meetings between devices, such as from a computer or smartphone to Vision Pro, or vice versa.