NIX Solutions: iPhone 11 Survived Spending 6 Months in a Lake

A resident of Vancouver Fateme Godsey returned the iPhone 11, which she dropped into the lake about six months ago. Surprisingly, it almost did not suffer and retained its working capacity.

Fateme Godsey dropped her iPhone in Lake Harrison converted into a water park in Chilliwack in September 2020, states iGuides. Before that, she managed to take several selfies. The employees of the water park refused to look for an iPhone. The girl was upset, but resigned herself to the loss and bought a new smartphone. Godsey recently received a message that her iPhone was found. She took it for a joke from friends, but soon a man contacted her and returned the loss.

The finder of Godsey’s iPhone turned out to be diver Clayton Helkenberg. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, he got carried away looking for things that visitors to the Harrison Lake park drop into the water and publishes videos on YouTube showing his prey. Over the course of a year, he found two GoPro cameras, 26 smartphones and about a hundred pairs of glasses. Most often, he fails to identify the owners of things, so he keeps the finds for himself or throws them away if they are unusable.

In the case of the iPhone, Godsey turned out to be different. Harrison pulled the SIM out of it, called one of the contacts to find out who the number belonged to, and returned the smartphone. The microphone and speakers were out of order, and everything else worked. Even the battery was not discharged: 96% of the charge remained, notes NIX Solutions.

Helkenberg notes that he usually puts the found smartphones for several days in a bag with silica gel to draw moisture out of the case, but Godsey’s iPhone turned on immediately, such a procedure was not required.