NIX Solutions: Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1

Anyone who wants to try out the next major updates for iPhone, iPad, or Mac now has the ability to do so, as the first public betas are now available on Apple’s beta site.


With the update to iOS 16.2, iPhone is getting only minor updates, including an optimized home app that should run faster and more reliably, especially in a home with lots of smart home devices, says Umteh.

iPadOS 16.2 for iPad introduces exciting new features, including the ability to use Stage Manager on external displays. Finally, you can intelligently use the iPad with a monitor, since several applications can be displayed at the same time, and the user can adjust the location and size of windows as they see fit. This feature is only available on the Apple M1 or Apple M2-based iPad Pro and the current iPad Air.

NIX Solutions notes that both iPadOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.1 come with a new app called Freeform that allows multiple users to collaborate on a whiteboard to which you can attach handwritten notes, drawings, links, files, photos and videos – perfect for developing ideas or planning projects .

With these updates, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and all compatible Macs will also get an improved Home app.