NIX Solutions: Preparing Your App for iOS 14.5

The App Metrica developers took a close look at Apple’s new rules and frameworks and updated AppMetrica tools to support iOS 14.5 apps.

NIX Solutions

Below is a special guide to get the necessary statistics and manage campaigns on iOS:

  1. To increase the chances of full attribution, you need to work with the request window for tracking user activity. It is easy to explain to the user what data is collected and why.
  2. It is important to clarify how the ad partner works with campaigns on iOS 14.5 and whether it supports attribution via SKAdNetwork in order to get aggregated statistics on installs from this version.
  3. You need to pay attention to Apple Search Ads if it hasn’t been used before. The current version of AppMetrica iOS SDK 3.15.1 already supports all ASA methods and provides complete statistics without additional settings.
  4. You can use AppMetrica tracking links in ad placements. This will allow you to fully attribute installs from users who have given access to IDFA, says SearchEngines.
  5. For retargeting to app users, you need to use additional communication channels. You can reach a segment of interest with push campaigns and broadcast a relevant message with high conversions.
  6. It’s important to pay attention to product analytics. Given the limited options for optimizing ads on iOS, more inappropriate traffic may come to your app. It’s important to highlight your most valuable users and work on their engagement and retention, notes NIX Solutions. For in-app audience analysis, AppMetrica uses an Apple-approved IDFV identifier. Thanks to this, all product reports in AppMetrica, including Audience, User Profiles, Funnels, Purchase Analysis and Retention, provide complete statistics on the desired application.

What exactly needs to be done in the application:

  • Support the IDFA request in the application through the App Tracking Transparency Framework.
  • Support SKAdNetwork in their applications to transfer data to Apple for subsequent attribution. To do this, you need to install the latest version of AppMetrica iOS SDK 3.15.1 – the SKAdNetwork and Apple Search Ads settings will be added automatically.
  • To set up push campaigns, you need to integrate the AppMetrica iOS Push SDK.