NIXsolutions: iOS 18 Update – Key Dates and New Features

Apple is set to unveil the iOS 18 update at WWDC 2024 on June 10. This article provides an overview of the release schedule, including the developer beta, public beta, and official release dates.

iOS 18 Beta Releases

Traditionally, Apple releases the first beta versions of its updates to developers on the same day as the main presentation at WWDC. This year, WWDC begins on June 10, and the first developer beta of iOS 18 will be available shortly after the event concludes. Here’s a look at the developer beta release dates over the past five years:

NIX Solutions

  • iOS 17: June 5
  • iOS 16: June 6
  • iOS 15: June 7
  • iOS 14: June 22 (delayed due to the pandemic)
  • iOS 13: June 3

The first public beta versions of major iOS updates typically follow four to five weeks after the developer beta. For iOS 18, the public beta is expected to be released between late June and mid-July. Historical public beta release dates are as follows:

  • iOS 17: July 12
  • iOS 16: July 11
  • iOS 15: June 30
  • iOS 14: July 9
  • iOS 13: June 24

Official Public Release

The official release of iOS 18 is anticipated to occur in mid-to-late September, shortly after Apple’s annual iPhone launch event. If Apple presents the iPhone 16 lineup between September 9-17, we can expect iOS 18 to become publicly available between September 16-23. Here are the release dates for previous iOS versions:

  • iOS 17: September 18 (after the presentation on September 12)
  • iOS 16: September 16 (after the presentation on September 7)
  • iOS 15: September 20 (after the presentation on September 14)
  • iOS 14: September 16 (after the presentation on September 15)
  • iOS 13: September 19 (after the presentation on September 10)

New Features in iOS 18

The iOS 18 update promises a host of new AI-related features, including a smarter Siri and enhanced integration with the Messages app, Apple Music, and more. NIXsolutions adds that iOS 18 will introduce support for the RCS standard, new home screen customization options, and a Calculator app for both iPhone and Mac.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the release dates. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.