NIXSolutions: Apple and OpenAI’s Potential ChatGPT Collaboration

The sphere of artificial intelligence systems from the point of view of its practical use and the implementation of various types of cooperation has recently been full of events, both more or less obvious and hidden. Among the latter, Bloomberg includes an agreement almost reached by Apple to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot in the iOS 18 operating system.


Bloomberg traditionally reports this event with reference to its own sources, but given the proximity of the WWDC 2024 developer conference, which will begin in mid-June, such news may soon receive official confirmation. According to the source, Apple and OpenAI are already in the final stages of signing a cooperation agreement, which will allow the former to use elements of ChatGPT in the Apple iOS 18 operating system. Along the way, it is noted that Apple’s negotiations with Google on the introduction of the Gemini chat bot into the ecosystem of the first company have not yet been successful, although attempts continue.

Prospects and Developments

As Bloomberg explains, at this stage there are no firm guarantees that the agreement between Apple and OpenAI will be officially announced in the coming weeks, but the imminent start of the WWDC 2024 conference predictably pushes the first of the parties. Collaboration with OpenAI could be one of Apple’s steps to develop its own artificial intelligence ecosystem. Earlier it was reported that Apple was not only going to develop the ability of proprietary processors to accelerate the work of artificial intelligence using the hardware resources of client devices, but also to introduce M2 Ultra processors into the server infrastructure for the corresponding purpose by the end of the year. At the same time, part of Apple’s cloud ecosystem will continue to rely on the power of third-party providers for reasons of economic feasibility, notes NIXSolutions.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. The developments in AI partnerships and integrations are continuously evolving, and the potential collaboration between Apple and OpenAI could significantly influence the landscape of artificial intelligence in consumer technology. The upcoming WWDC 2024 conference may shed more light on these advancements and provide official confirmation of this highly anticipated collaboration.