NIX Solutions: iOS 17 is Installed on 77% of iPhones

This week, Apple announced iOS 18, the next version of its mobile operating system. Although the beta version of the platform is already available to developers, ordinary users will only be able to evaluate it in the fall. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments. Meanwhile, Apple has updated its OS adoption rate data, indicating that iOS 17 is currently installed on 77% of compatible devices.

NIX Solutions

iOS Adoption Rates: A Comparative Overview

Apple stated that the distribution rate of iOS 17 is close to 80%, a figure that is impressive. However, it is worth noting that the previous version, iOS 16, spread even faster. As of June 2023, iOS 16 was already installed on 81% of compatible devices. When examining iPhones released over the past four years, iOS 17 is installed on 86% of these devices. Another 11% of devices run iOS 16, while the remaining 3% are iPhones with older versions of the OS. Around this time in 2023, iOS 16’s share on iPhones released in the previous four years reached 90%.

As for the iPad, the distribution rates show that among all tablet computers, 68% of devices run iPadOS 17, and another 17% use iPadOS 16. These statistics help developers understand which versions of the platform they should support in their products.

iOS 18: New Features and Expected Impact

Apple has added several new features to iOS 18, including neural network-based tools. These enhancements are expected to increase the popularity of the OS, which will likely help boost its adoption rate, notes NIX Solutions. The company regularly publishes data on OS adoption rates to assist developers in making informed decisions about the versions of the platform they need to support.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available and as we approach the public release of iOS 18 in the fall. Stay tuned for further updates on this and other developments from Apple.