NIX Solutions: Google Figured Out How to Imitate Circle to Search feature on iPhone

Google has introduced a new shortcut for iPhone users, providing an experience akin to Android’s Circle to Search feature. This innovation, spearheaded by Minsang Choi, Google Lens design manager, enables users to swiftly access Google Lens search via the Back Tap feature on iPhones.

NIX Solutions

Enhancing iPhone Search Experience

The Back Tap feature, initially exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro, can now be utilized on other compatible iPhone models. This functionality, which permits users to trigger actions with double or triple taps on the back of the device, integrates seamlessly with the new Google Lens shortcut.

Activating the Shortcut

To enable this feature, ensure your iPhone (6S and above) is updated to the latest iOS version. Install the Google app if it’s not already on your device, along with a specialized shortcut in the Accessibility section under Touch settings. Opt for the Double Tap or Triple Tap option, with the former being recommended, to activate the desired action.

Streamlining Information Retrieval

Upon setup completion, a simple tap on the back of your iPhone while viewing any content will trigger a screenshot capture and initiate a Google Lens search. Although not as precise as its Android counterpart, which allows direct circling of screen content, this feature significantly broadens iOS capabilities, facilitating swift information retrieval, notes NIX Solutions.

In conclusion, Google’s introduction of the Google Lens shortcut for iPhones enhances the search experience for iOS users. With a few simple setup steps, users can seamlessly integrate Google Lens into their iPhone workflow, enabling quick and efficient image-based searches. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments in this area.