NIX Solutions: All New CarPlay Features in iOS 15

An iOS 15 update will be released this fall, and it will significantly improve CarPlay mode. There will be new features for drivers. Siri will be able to read messages aloud, the driving mode will help you not to be distracted by notifications, and you can also enjoy the new wallpaper.

Reading Siri Messages

The function of reading messages first appeared for AirPods. Siri plays text messages aloud so you don’t even have to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

NIX Solutions

Starting with iOS 15, CarPlay will also support reading messages aloud, says IT-Here.

In CarPlay mode, it was always possible to play messages by tapping the notification on the car screen. Thus, you will not miss anything important, but at the same time you will not be distracted from the road.

Now messages will be read automatically immediately upon receipt. This is more convenient because you don’t even need to be distracted by the car screen.

Of course, reading messages is not ideal in all cases. Fortunately, you can completely disable the option, set up a schedule for it, and also disable reading messages from specific contacts.

Driving mode

Do Not Disturb mode in iOS 15 is called Focus. Now you can choose the modes for which notifications will be adjusted. There is a mode of sleep, driving, work, etc.

Driving mode can be activated manually or automatically when driving is detected, connected to a vehicle, or when CarPlay is activated.

In addition, the system will display your status. For example, before sending you a message, the user will see a notification that you are currently driving.

You can choose for yourself which notifications from which contacts will come while you are driving, notes NIX Solutions. Different conditions can be adjusted for different modes, which is very convenient.

New wallpaper

CarPlay in iOS 15 includes new wallpapers for dark and light mode. Most likely, CarPlay wallpapers will become available for iPhone in future beta versions of iOS 15.

IOS 15 made significant improvements to the Maps app, but only for some major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London. They provide detailed insight into roads, trees, buildings and landmarks.

These features will become available for CarPlay at a later date.