NIX Solutions: Apple to Warn iPhone Users of Surveillance

Not so long ago, it became known about the Pegasus spyware, with the help of which it monitored journalists, lawyers, politicians and activists. Apple now notifies users that their devices can be monitored. At least five activists from Thailand have already received warnings.

NIX Solutions

Recall that the Pegasus spyware was created by an Israeli company to sell it to the government of different countries. The company has sold its software even to countries where human rights violations are frequent. With his help, they monitor the opposition, fighters for human rights, etc.

Apple now actively monitors devices for signs of Pegasus software and notifies users if there are any. The company does this in three different ways.

  • iMessage
  • mail
  • Apple ID Notice

Apple does not guarantee that it will be able to detect all spyware use cases, says IT-Here. Fake calls are also possible. Users who receive notifications will not need to follow the link or install anything. You can go to to verify the authenticity of the notification. It should appear at the top of the page.

Here’s what the company advises to do to protect yourself:

  • Update your devices to the latest available system version.
  • Protect your devices with a password.
  • Use two-factor authentication and a strong password for your Apple ID.
  • Install apps only from the App Store.
  • Use strong and unique passwords on websites.
  • Don’t follow links or open files from unknown senders.

NIX Solutions adds that even if the sender is well-known, you shouldn’t follow the link or open the attached file if you didn’t expect them. Hackers can spoof email addresses.