NIXsolutions: Apple Wanted to Integrate Meta’s AI Models into Its Services

After the end of the WWDC 2024 conference, it became evident that Apple is not ashamed of its slight lag behind competitors in the development of large language models and is ready to cooperate with leading market players such as OpenAI. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple was also in talks with Meta Platforms.

NIX Solutions

According to the source, Meta discussed with Apple the possibility of integrating the generative artificial intelligence model it is developing into the Apple Intelligence series services. The further fate of this initiative is not specified, but the list of existing and potential Apple partners in this area is not limited to Google and OpenAI alone. As noted, startups Anthropic and Perplexity also took part in similar negotiations with Apple. Representatives of the mentioned companies refrained from commenting to The Wall Street Journal.

Expanding Apple’s AI Ecosystem

According to some reports, the developers of large language models, through cooperation with Apple, expected to increase the reach of the user audience. It was assumed that through the Apple ecosystem, they would be able to sell more premium subscriptions to their services. Officially, Apple has so far only spoken about its readiness to cooperate with OpenAI – this Microsoft-supported startup will help the Siri voice assistant gain new capabilities through integration with the ChatGPT model, notes NIXsolutions.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments as Apple continues to explore and expand its partnerships in the AI domain, potentially collaborating with various innovative companies to enhance its technological offerings.