NIX Solutions: Apple vs. CMA Antitrust Trial Continues

The London Court of Appeal has made a pivotal decision to sustain the trial involving Apple and the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), centered on the tech giant’s ban on cloud gaming within the App Store and its maneuvers to establish Safari as a predominant browser on mobile devices.

NIX Solutions

Antitrust Investigation and Key Focus Areas

The CMA seeks to conduct a thorough antitrust investigation to assess whether Apple’s prohibition of cloud gaming services in the App Store constitutes anticompetitive behavior. Moreover, the regulatory body aims to scrutinize Apple’s control over mobile browsers using WebKit, specifically examining the practices that sustain the dominance of its Safari browser.

Recent Developments and Legal Course

Earlier this year, the British regulator’s case against Apple seemingly reached an impasse, reminds NIX Solutions. Despite this, the CMA persisted and seized the last available opportunity in court to file an appeal, thereby continuing the investigation. Presently, with court approval reaffirmed, the regulator can proceed with its scrutiny of the American tech company. However, Apple retains the option to counter this appeal in an attempt to temporarily suspend the ongoing antitrust investigation.

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