NIX Solutions: Apple Unveils Vision Pro App Store Ahead of February Launch

In anticipation of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset’s launch on February 2, Apple has officially introduced the Vision Pro App Store, signaling a new platform for developers to showcase their applications tailored for the innovative device. While regular users await access to the Vision Pro headset, reviewers fortunate enough to receive it from Apple will soon explore an array of third-party apps.

NIX Solutions

Diverse App Ecosystem for Vision Pro

The visionOS ‌App Store‌ is poised to feature a variety of applications, including those explicitly designed to harness Vision Pro’s unique capabilities and iOS apps compatible with 2D headset operation. Developers can seamlessly port existing apps to Vision Pro without additional development efforts, opening the door for widespread compatibility with numerous iPhone mobile apps. Notably, developers also retain the option to exclude their apps from the Vision Pro ecosystem, notes NIX Solutions.

Media Reviews and Pre-order Information

In a recent update, Apple has initiated discussions with select media representatives to conduct reviews of the headset, with publications expected to emerge by the end of January. This strategic move allows reviewers ample time to thoroughly test the functionality of the featured apps. Additionally, pre-orders for the Vision Pro will commence on Friday, January 19th at 5:00 am PT, two weeks before the scheduled release on February 2.