NIXSolutions: Apple Removed Handy Feature with iOS and iPadOS 17.2 Update

In the latest update of iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, and tvOS 17.2, Apple made significant changes, removing the ability to buy movies from iTunes and directing users to Apple TV. Simultaneously, long-standing wish lists vanished, sparking discontent among users.

NIX Solutions

Disappearing Wish Lists and User Outcry

The removal of wish lists, accumulated over years, triggered a wave of complaints across various forums. These lists were not just repositories for future watchlists; they also served as a means to track content discounts. Post-update, most items simply vanished without prior notice. Users lamented the sudden disappearance, feeling blindsided as they were unable to save or transfer their meticulously curated collections.

Reddit echoed the frustration, with one user expressing disappointment, “My bucket list is completely gone. I collected it for about 10 years, and there were just over 400 films on it. I wish Apple would have thought more about this before making such drastic changes.”

Uncertain Future and User Disappointment

Amidst the uproar, uncertainty looms over whether Apple will address the issue and reinstate wish lists given the substantial discontent among customers, notes NIXSolutions. However, history hints otherwise, as similar complaints arose when Apple removed App Store wish lists in iOS 11, with no revival of the feature.