NIXSolutions: Apple Music’s Bonus for Spatial Audio Artists

Apple Music recently announced a development for artists engaging with spatial audio content. According to reports from Music Business Worldwide, the tech giant is set to provide artists with a bonus amounting to 10% of their base royalties.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Royalties for Spatial Audio Creators

The initiative involves a proportional calculation for shares of Spatial Available reproductions, utilizing a factor of 1.1. In contrast, other reproductions will continue to adhere to the standard factor of 1. This adjustment is poised to take effect from the upcoming payment cycle due at the end of January. A “proportional share” refers to the performer’s fee, determined by the total payments and contingent on the number of auditions.

Expanding Reach of Spatial Audio

Spatial audio, compatible with various Apple devices such as AirPods, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and HomePod, has witnessed significant growth. This immersive audio experience is accessible on iPhone models from XS onwards (excluding iPhone SE) and certain devices from the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel series. Since its introduction in 2021, the number of songs featuring spatial audio on Apple Music has surged by an impressive 5,000%, notes NIXSolutions.

Broader Landscape of Spatial Audio Support

Beyond Apple Music, spatial audio is also supported by Tidal and Amazon Music Unlimited. Additionally, video streaming services like Netflix and Max have embraced this audio format. Despite these strides, Spotify, a major player in the music streaming industry, is yet to incorporate spatial audio. However, there were promises from Spotify’s administration regarding the introduction of a premium Hi-Fi tariff in 2021.

In conclusion, Apple Music’s new incentive marks a noteworthy step in acknowledging and rewarding artists for their contributions to spatial audio content. As this format continues to gain traction across various platforms, it underscores the evolving landscape of immersive audio experiences in the music industry.