NIXsolutions: Apple Introduces M2 Ultra Processors for AI Infrastructure

At the beginning of the month, Bloomberg reported Apple’s readiness to release M2 Ultra processors for server use due to the need to develop its own computing infrastructure for artificial intelligence systems. This topic received a lot of attention at yesterday’s WWDC 2024, although Apple only mentioned the new processors in passing.

NIX Solutions

Custom-Built Server-Class Hardware

So far, neither the name nor the characteristics of Apple server processors have been specified. The company only clarifies on the pages of its corporate blog that it will use in its Private Cloud Compute environment “custom-built server-class hardware that brings the performance and security of Apple chips to data centers, while maintaining the same security technologies that are implemented in iPhone hardware level.” We can only assume that Apple’s server processors will be close relatives of those used in the iPhone, but this is true for the entire family of M processors.

Security and AI Integration

Traditionally, when implementing Apple Intelligence artificial intelligence functions, the company aims for a high level of information security, so the use of proprietary processors in this area is logical, notes NIXsolutions. Information security specialists will have to figure out how the integration of OpenAI services based on ChatGPT into iOS fits into this. Apple representatives admitted after the opening of WWDC 2024 that the company would like to provide users with a choice of models in the field of AI, and therefore even integration with Google Gemini is not excluded at the probabilistic level. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.