NIXsolutions: Apple Introduces Conditional Pricing for App Store Subscriptions

Apple has unveiled a new feature within the App Store, termed “conditional pricing,” designed to empower developers in attracting and retaining subscribers. This feature aims to provide discounted subscription rates to users who actively sign up for another subscription while being engaged in an existing one.


The Functionality of Conditional Pricing

The crux of this innovative freemium pricing strategy lies in its ability to offer discounts for subscriptions from the same developer or even between different developers. For instance, developers can entice new users by extending a discounted subscription offer when they actively subscribe to a different developer’s service.

Seamless Implementation and Customer Experience

Customers benefit from these price reductions, easily accessible within the app, off-platform marketing channels, and specific locations within the App Store. Apple takes charge of managing fulfillment, ensuring a smooth checkout process based on the provided conditional quote, enhancing the overall purchasing experience for subscribers.

NIXsolutions adds that Apple has confirmed the ongoing pilot testing phase for this feature, with developers able to sign up for notifications regarding further details slated for release in January.