NIXSOLUTIONS: Apple Hosts Epic Games Store in Europe

Apple has agreed to host the Epic Games app store on iPhone and iPad devices in Europe after an escalation of conflict with the developer of the popular game Fortnite. This decision followed accusations that Epic Games was obstructing the creation of a game store on the iOS platform.


Approval and Ongoing Dispute

Apple said on Friday it had approved an Epic Games game store app for European iOS users, Reuters reported. This was preceded by a new round of struggle between the companies, when Epic Games accused Apple of deliberately opposing the launch of their game store on iPhone and iPad. At the same time, Apple clarified that the current dispute concerns the Epic Sweden AB Marketplace application and has nothing to do with the Fortnite game, which has already received permission to return to the App Store.

Prior to Apple’s official announcement, Epic Games reported that store moderators had twice rejected documents submitted to launch the Epic Games Store. The reason for the refusal was the similarity of the design of some buttons and inscriptions with elements of the App Store. However, Epic Games claims to use the standard “Install” and “In-app purchases” names common in popular app stores on various platforms. The company considered Apple’s refusal to be unfounded and contrary to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which it notified the European Commission.

Historical Context and Compliance Changes

The conflict between Epic Games and Apple has been ongoing since 2020, when the game developer accused Apple of violating US antitrust laws due to a commission of up to 30% on in-game purchases in iOS.

In the face of dissatisfaction from many publishers and complaints to regulators, Apple made concessions earlier this year and made changes to its App Store policies to comply with the DMA requirements, which went into effect in March, reminds NIXSOLUTIONS. The company allowed alternative app stores to run on its devices and provided an option to opt out of the built-in payment system, but introduced a fee for using its core technology (the “Core Technology Fee”), which many developers criticized and considered exploitative.

We’ll keep you updated as this situation continues to develop, ensuring you have the latest information on the evolving relationship between Apple and Epic Games.