NIX Solutions: Apple Created key iOS 18 Innovation before iOS 17 Release

Apple has been diligently exploring its own neural network model for about a year, as reported by Bloomberg. Mark Gurman, a prominent analyst and insider, has shed light on Apple’s endeavors. Gurman revealed that Apple has been meticulously crafting its generative AI model since the inception of 2023 and has been rigorously testing it. This groundbreaking tool is poised to underpin the enhanced neural network Siri, poised to be a cornerstone feature of the forthcoming iOS 18.

NIX Solutions

Preceding Industry Trends

Contrary to popular belief, Apple had been developing its generative neural network even before the surge in worldwide ChatGPT popularity. Despite speculation from fans and bloggers suggesting Apple’s lag in adopting neural networks, the company was actively engaged in pioneering advancements. The fundamental innovation for iOS 18 was conceptualized even prior to the announcement of iOS 17 in the summer of 2023.

Expanding AI Integration

Gurman further disclosed plans for an update to Xcode, wherein AI integration will streamline coding processes, aiding developers in code writing and formatting, notes NIX Solutions. Additionally, Apple is contemplating incorporating neural networks into Music to curate playlists. Gurman anticipates that Apple will require the entirety of 2024 and 2025 to fully realize and scale up its ambitious plans.