NIX Solutions: Apple Announces Updated iOS Settings Center at WWDC

Apple is preparing for a number of big announcements at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple plans to introduce updates to a number of its key apps, as well as new AI-powered features, Apple product specialist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports.

NIX Solutions

Updates to macOS and iOS Apps

It is reported that the System Preferences application will be updated in the macOS operating system. The user interface will become cleaner and more streamlined, resulting in better navigation and organization of settings. Search by settings will also be improved.

The Control Center in iOS will also receive an update, writes PCMag. In addition to visual improvements, there will be a new music widget and expanded capabilities for controlling smart home appliances.

Additionally, the Messages app will let you animate individual words in text messages. Apple also plans to add new emoji-style Tapback icons that are sent as a quick reply to messages. The Photos app will receive a UI update, while the Mail app is expected to receive several improvements, the details of which have not yet been disclosed, notes NIX Solutions.

New AI-Powered Features

However, it’s Apple’s AI-related announcements that will likely get the most attention. New AI features are expected to be introduced specifically targeted at iOS 18, including some that will run locally on the device without the need for cloud computing. New integration with the OpenAI platform is also reported.

We’ll keep you updated on these developments as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference begins on Monday, June 10th.