NIX Solutions: Apple App Store Blocks $2 bln Worth of Fraudulent Transactions in 2022

Last year, the Apple App Store stopped more than $2 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions. The company also rejected nearly 1.7 million apps that did not meet App Store standards for privacy and security, according to an Apple press release.

NIX Solutions

Apple emphasized that thanks to numerous user protection measures, including the app verification process in the App Store, fraudulent transactions were successfully blocked. The company also noted the high level of security of its payment solutions, including StoreKit and Apple Pay. More than 3.9 million stolen credit cards were blocked, and protection mechanisms prevented repeat transactions in 714 thousand cases.

Nearly 1.7 million applications were rejected for a variety of reasons, including concerns about fraud and privacy violations, notes NIX Solutions. Over 153,000 apps were disapproved last year for spam, spoofing, or misrepresentation. In 29,000 cases, hidden or undocumented application features were the reason for the rejection. There were also about 400,000 privacy violations. Nearly 105 million Apple Developer Program applications have been deleted due to suspected fraud, as well as 428,000 developer accounts. Over 282 million customer accounts associated with fraudulent or extremist activity