NIX Solutions: AltStore PAL – Europe’s First Alternative iOS App Store

The European Union welcomes its pioneering alternative to the iOS App Store with the launch of AltStore PAL. For just €1.50 per year (plus tax), users can access this innovative platform.

NIX Solutions

Installation Process

Installing AltStore PAL entails navigating through multiple Apple security screens, ensuring users’ consent to installing non-App Store apps. Although cumbersome, with perseverance, the application will successfully install.

Available Apps

AltStore PAL debuts with two apps by creator Riley Testut – Delta emulator and Clip clipboard manager. Delta, an emulator supporting various classic games, including NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and more, is complemented by Clip, a clipboard manager previously banned by Apple.

Integration and Monetization

AltStore PAL integrates with Patreon for developers interested in crowdfunding app distribution. While Delta is free, Clip requires a monthly Patreon pledge of €1 (plus tax) for access.

Legal Implications and Future Prospects

Thanks to the DMA, Delta and Clip now have a legal entry into the EU market, adds NIX Solutions. This marks a significant shift, as developers can now reach customers without relying solely on the App Store. AltStore PAL remains open to third-party developers’ suggestions, fostering a decentralized approach to app hosting.

We’ll keep you updated on AltStore PAL’s developments and its impact on the iOS ecosystem.