NIX Solutions: 2021 iOS Subscription Benchmarks

Mobile app subscriptions company Adapty has released a 2021 iOS data report. Here are some interesting numbers and trends that we learned from it.

NIX Solutions

Average Subscription Prices are developers’ net income expressed in US dollars. The UK turns out to be the most expensive country for users. In the US, the average annual subscription price is $26.1. Indonesia is the cheapest at $14.8, says Apptractor.

Average conversion to a free trial. In emerging markets about 1-2%, in developed markets – about 5%. Most of all start subscriptions in the USA – 6.1%, least of all – in Brazil – 0.9%.

Average conversion per subscription. Interestingly, relatively more users switch from trial to subscription payments in developing markets than in developed ones.

Conversion from a free trial period to a paid subscription for its different options. For many countries, a pattern is visible – fewer conversions are converted into a six-month subscription than an annual one, and most of all they buy a monthly subscription.

Developers prefer short trial periods – in 61% of cases it’s three days, notes NIX Solutions. During this time, users can already try out all the paid functionality, however, most of those who start a free trial cancel it on the same day.

Refunds” of subscriptions. Of those who subscribe for 1 week, 35% buy a subscription again, and only 8% of those who subscribe for a year.

Key findings

  1. If you want to generate revenue quickly, use shorter subscriptions. Choose weekly instead of monthly, 3 or 6 months instead of a year. Choose longer subscriptions to build long-term relationships with users.
  2. 3 month subscriptions are undervalued: they have the same LTV as 6 and 12 months, but better retention.
  3. A weekly subscription is almost 2 times more profitable than a monthly subscription.
  4. Long term subscription retention is the key to increasing LTV.
  5. In developing countries, developers tend to lower their subscription prices.
  6. The US continues to be the leader in subscription loyalty.
  7. Every 10th transaction has problems with billing in the App Store.

The report is based on tracked data of 150 million users and 20 million subscription events. You can download it for free on the website.