NIX Solutions: EU Investigates Apple’s Block on Epic’s App Store

The European Commission has requested clarification from Apple regarding its decision to block Epic Games, developer of the popular Fortnite game, from launching its own mobile app store for iPhones in Europe. This move follows the recent enactment of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Union, which aims to regulate the practices of large tech companies.

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“We’ve sought further information from Apple on this matter in line with the DMA,” stated a European Commission representative. “We’ll also examine if Apple’s actions raise concerns about compliance with the DMA and Platform-to-Business Regulations (P2B), considering the connection between the Developer Program membership and the App Store’s status as a gatekeeper platform.”

Apple Unblocks and Reblocks Epic Games Account

In a recent development, Apple lifted the ban on the account of Epic Games Sweden AB, the Swedish arm of the game developer. This move came after Epic announced plans to launch its own app store and reintroduce Fortnite to the App Store. However, Apple swiftly reversed course and blocked the developer’s account once again, labeling them “unreliable.”

Epic Games has denounced Apple’s actions, claiming they eliminate a significant potential competitor. The developer has vowed to continue its fight for fair competition in the app market.

The Backstory: Epic vs. Apple

The ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple has its roots in 2020, when Epic implemented a payment system within Fortnite that bypassed Apple’s in-app purchase system, reminds NIX Solutions. This move violated Apple’s App Store guidelines, leading to the removal of Fortnite from the platform and the subsequent legal battle between the two companies. The current investigation by the European Commission adds another layer to this complex situation.