NIXSolutions: Epic Games Faces Setback as Apple Suspends Developer Account Amid App Store Plans

Epic Games is encountering hurdles in its pursuit of launching a third-party iOS app store in the EU. The ambitious move is under threat as Apple, in a stern letter from its legal team, abruptly suspended Epic’s developer account, labeling the gaming company as “unreliable.”


Apple’s Swift Termination:

In a missive dated March 2, Apple asserted its right to unilaterally terminate Epic Games Sweden AB’s participation in the Apple Developer Program, citing the termination as effective immediately.

Rift Amid Third-Party App Store Plans:

Epic Games had initially revealed plans to launch its own game store on iOS following Apple’s announcement of permitting third-party app stores in Europe. The anticipation was heightened as Fortnite was slated for a return to the platform after its removal in 2020. On February 16, Apple unblocked Epic Games Sweden’s developer account, previously suspended along with Fortnite’s removal from the App Store.

Turbulence in Legal Communications:

The escalation in the conflict unfolded when Apple’s App Store CEO, Phil Schiller, demanded written assurances from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney regarding the fulfillment of obligations. Apple cited prior breaches of the license agreement in 2020, particularly referencing Epic’s inclusion of third-party payments in Fortnite on iOS, adds NIXSolutions.

Despite assurances from Tim Sweeney that Epic acted in good faith and was ready to comply with agreements, Apple’s lawyers sent a letter on March 2, questioning Epic’s credibility. Apple expressed concern that Epic Games Sweden might not honor contractual obligations, citing a lack of credible response from Mr. Sweeney.