NIX Solutions reports: New Sleep Mode will appear in iOS 14. What do we already know?

There is not much time left until the presentation of iOS 14 and other operating systems, which means that a lot of new information awaits us all week. However, enough is known about the system: back in March, 9to5Mac received an early build of the system and told a lot of details, we gathered everything in one piece.

According to new data from Wylsa, Sleep mode will appear in iOS 14 and watchOS 7. How will it work?

Everything is simple and not much different from the Do Not Disturb mode or the current Sleep Mode. There may be detailed analytics on how long and how well you sleep, notes NIX Solutions. This is one of the problems of the current Sleep Mode: there is little data and clumsy functioning. If you use the device at night, the smartphone still believes that you are sleeping, and the schedule does not change.

If you activate the Sleep mode in iOS 14, the lock screen becomes dark and stops notifying about incoming messages and calls, you will receive notifications only about emergency messages.

For those who don’t take off the Apple Watch at night, the new mode will also be useful. The set alarms will only play on the watch, and you won’t still get notifications (except for emergency ones). It is not clear whether the watch will track the phases of sleep and activate the alarm at the right time. It seems to that such a chip may appear in the new Apple Watch Series 6, for which a new sensor will be introduced.