NIX Solutions: Apple Restricts NFT Use in Applications

Updated recommendations for apps in the App Store have been released. The main thing is that the company allowed NFT trading within applications, but with a commission of 30%.

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At the same time, Apple has banned apps from linking NFTs to third-party sites where you can buy, sell, or exchange non-fungible tokens without paying a 30% fee.

Also, applications may provide the ability to view their own NFTs, but only on the condition that no additional features become available to the owner of the NFT in this application.

Another point is related to Digital purchases, which must also go through the Apple payment system with a 30% commission. The update will affect platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or another social network where the authors want to put promotion posts or ads.

NIX Solutions adds that Apple has also released major updates to all of its operating systems, including iPadOS and macOS.