NIXSolutions: Microsoft’s Hesitation on Xbox Cloud Gaming App for iOS

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer recently stated that there are currently no plans to release an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for iOS. The primary reason behind this decision, according to Spencer, is the perceived lack of potential for monetization on Apple’s mobile ecosystem. Despite recent changes in Apple’s app ecosystem in the European Union due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Spencer remains unconvinced that these alterations create a viable opportunity for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS.

NIX Solutions

Challenges in Monetization and Apple’s Response to DMA

Spencer emphasized the monetization challenges Microsoft faces in bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to iOS. He believes that the proposed changes to Apple’s ecosystem, as put forward by Xbox President Sarah Bond, did not go far enough to open up competition. According to Spencer, Apple’s response to the DMA has not adequately addressed the issue, and he expressed the need for further collaboration with regulators and Apple to create space for alternative storefronts.

Windows Model vs. Mobile Gaming Platform

Drawing a comparison with Windows, Spencer highlighted the diversity in the Windows model, accommodating various storefronts like the Microsoft Store, Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. He advocates for similar alternatives on the mobile gaming platform, emphasizing the benefits for both consumers and developers. Spencer envisions a more open environment on the world’s largest gaming platform, echoing the principles of the DMA, adds NIXSolutions.

Apple’s Digital Markets Act Compliance and Criticisms

The upcoming Digital Markets Act in Europe mandates Apple to open iOS to alternative app stores and payment systems. However, Apple’s proposed terms, including a Core Technology Fee (CTF) of €0.50 per app installation, have faced criticism from industry leaders like Spotify and Epic Games. Despite opening the ecosystem for cloud gaming platforms, Apple’s new terms have stirred debate within the developer community.