NIX Solutions: Distribution of iOS 15 Is Worse Than iOS 14

Apple has shared statistics on iOS 15 installs. So far, only 72% of iPhone models released in the past four years have iOS 15 installed. In previous years, the figures were higher, but there are several factors to consider.

NIX Solutions

Here are the up-to-date statistics for the iPhone models of the last four years:

  • 72% iOS 15
  • 26% iOS 14
  • 2% older versions

And here are the statistics for all models, including older ones:

  • 63% iOS 15
  • 30% iOS 14
  • 7% older versions

Here are the stats for iPadOS 15 on models from the last four years:

  • 57% iPadOS 15
  • 39% iPadOS 14
  • 4% older versions

And here are the statistics for all iPad models:

  • 49% iPadOS 15
  • 37% iPadOS 14
  • 14% older versions

It is interesting to compare these data with iOS 14 statistics. As of December 2020, iOS 14 version was installed on 81% of models of the last four years and 72% of all models, notes NIX Solutions.

Apple shared the stats almost a month late this year, and the figures are significantly lower at 72% and 63%.

It’s important to note that this year, Apple gave users the option to stay on iOS 14 but still receive security updates, says IT-Here.

Now the company doesn’t give iOS 14 users the choice to have as many people as possible upgrade to iOS 15.