NIXSolutions: Apple Released the 4th Beta Version of iOS 15.2

Today, Apple released new beta versions of its future updates. The updates do not contain significant new features, but there are some changes. The fourth beta versions of iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 for developers have been released. NIXSolutions reminds you that you should not install beta versions of the system on your main devices. Developer versions are for developers only, as they may contain bugs and issues.


Registered developers can download new beta versions “over the air” or from the Apple developer portal. To do this, the device must have a special profile.

The fourth beta versions of tvOS 15.2 and watchOS 8.3 for developers were also released today.

What is new in the new beta versions is still unknown. If any changes are found, we will definitely write about it. For now, let’s remember what changes the previous beta versions of the updates contained:

Changes from previous beta versions

  • iOS 15.2 includes secure communication features to protect children.
  • The update activates the digital heritage feature.
  • iOS 15.2 allows you to quickly find unknown tracking devices through the “Locator”, including other people’s AirTag beacons.
  • Macro shooting on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max can be turned on and off directly in the Camera app.

New beta versions are available for download now.