NIX Solutions: iOS 17.1 Update Highlights

Apple has officially released iOS 17.1, following its beta version available last month. Notable features include AirDrop file transfers over mobile networks, a new “Favorites” section in Apple Music, and extended control options for standby mode.

NIX Solutions

AirDrop Over Mobile Networks

iOS 17.1 introduces support for AirDrop file transfers over mobile networks, enhancing the reliability of file transfers between iPhones, even when moving away from the source.

Apple Music “Favorites” Section

With the new “Favorites” section in Apple Music, your preferred songs, albums, and playlists are conveniently organized, improving recommendation accuracy.

Standby Mode Control

Control the screen timeout settings in standby mode, exclusively available on iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro models.

NIX Solutions concludes that the update also addresses image retention issues on iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max screens, expands the Dynamic Island flashlight indicator to more devices, and offers regional updates, such as UK users displaying their account balance in the Apple Wallet app.