NIX Solutions: App Developers are to Disclose Information about Collected Data

Starting December 8, developers who register new apps or app updates to the App Store will be required to provide information about the user data they collect. This information will then be displayed on their product pages for users to read.

Developers should indicate what types of data are collected and whether they are tied to specific users and used to track them.

This requirement also applies to the data collection practices of third-party partners whose code is integrated into the application.

Developers will have to independently report the categories of information collected in App Store Connect.

According to industry experts, this update is unlikely to have a significant impact on user behavior and app downloads. In the meantime, this change should be viewed in a broader context related to the upcoming discontinuation of the use of third-party cookies and support for advertising IDs.

And if consumers are unlikely to be intimidated by disclosure of data collection, then changing approaches to tracking and obtaining user consent could be a very different story.

NIX Solutions reminds that recently Apple made a patent suggesting that the company will try to make a replacement for a passport out of the iPhone.