NIX Solutions: In iOS 18, You Can Replace “Hey Siri” with Any Other Phrase

With the release of iOS 18, significant improvements to the Siri voice assistant are expected. While some Apple Intelligence-related features won’t be available until 2025, Siri will receive exciting updates and key capabilities in the near future.

NIX Solutions

As Apple device reviewer Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported in his Power On newsletter, users will be able to get Siri assistance without having to delve into accessibility settings. Siri will become smarter and will be able to understand users even with reservations and hesitations. The voice assistant is also expected to better understand Apple products, likely referring to support functions and informing users about the capabilities of a particular device.

Customizable Activation Phrase

An interesting feature available to iOS 18 beta testers is the ability to change Siri’s activation phrase to your own. To do this, go to “Settings” – “Accessibility” – “Voice commands” – “Customize voice commands” – “Siri.” It is important to note that after pronouncing a new word, you must pause for the phone to confirm the change. However, this feature does not apply to HomePod devices.

Integration with ChatGPT

In addition to the Siri improvements, Apple also announced that ChatGPT will be available for free in iOS 18 later this year. When this feature arrives, Siri will offer to send questions it couldn’t answer to the GPT-4-based ChatGPT. Users can then agree or reject the offer, adds NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated on how significant these improvements to Siri will be and whether they will appear on all devices, including HomePod and older iPhone models. It’s possible that some features will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and devices with Apple M-series chips.