NIXsolutions: Google Maps Speedometer and Speed Limits Now on iOS and CarPlay

The Google Maps app has started showing the speedometer and speed limits on iOS and CarPlay, more than five years after they were introduced on Android, to help iPhone users avoid speeding tickets while driving.

New Features and Availability

When people launch navigation on Google Maps, the car’s speed is displayed in miles or kilometers, depending on the region. Early last week, new speed measurement features were noticed in India. On Tuesday, Google confirmed that the update will roll out globally. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this rollout.

NIX Solutions

How to Enable the Speedometer and Speed Limits

You can turn on the speedometer and speed limits by tapping your profile picture in the Google Maps app on iPhone and going to Settings > Navigation > Driving Options. Once enabled, the speed limit feature will change colors on the speed indicator to encourage you to drive within your local speed limit.

On the support page, Google noted that the speedometer shows the vehicle’s speed for “informational use only.” You must rely on your vehicle’s speedometer to confirm your actual driving speed. This ensures you have an accurate reading and avoid any potential discrepancies.

Background on the Feature

NIXsolutions reminds that Google launched the speedometer and speed limit feature on Android in 2019. In May of the same year, it was extended to more than 40 countries. The introduction of these features on iOS and CarPlay aims to provide a consistent user experience across different platforms, helping more drivers stay within speed limits and improve road safety.

Overall, the addition of these features to Google Maps on iOS and CarPlay is a welcome update for iPhone users, enhancing their navigation experience and promoting safer driving habits. Stay tuned for more updates as this feature continues to roll out globally.