NIX Solutions: Gemini AI Bot Now Available on iOS via Google App

Google is actively extending the reach of its artificial intelligence-driven chatbot, Gemini, which has taken over from Google Assistant. This new development is not limited to specific countries, as the corresponding application is now available in several new regions, as reported by Android Authority.

NIX Solutions

Gemini Integration in Main Google App

For iPhone users, there is no dedicated Gemini app; however, the chatbot can be activated within the primary Google app. Upon selecting the new AI assistant, the entire application interface undergoes a transformation, introducing a prominent query field at the bottom. Voice requests can be made by pressing the microphone icon, while sending requires a separate button. Notably, responses are not spoken automatically; users must tap the speaker icon for audible replies.

Versatile Interaction on iOS

Interacting with Gemini on iOS offers a range of functionalities, including text, voice, image sharing, and camera access within the app. The AI is capable of summarizing complex topics, generating code, composing various types of text, creating images, and more. NIX Solutions notes that since iOS has its own Siri assistant, summoning Gemini for contextual help on any screen is exclusive to Android users.

Rumors suggest that Apple is also in the process of developing new AI features for the iPhone, with potential debut alongside iOS 18.