NIXSolutions: Epic Games to Bring Fortnite Back to iPhone and Launch an iOS App Store

Epic Games is making strategic moves to bring Fortnite back to iOS devices, following Apple’s commitment to adhere to new EU antitrust laws. This significant decision includes launching Epic’s app store on iOS, focusing initially on the European Union.

Epic’s iOS Store Launch and Fortnite Accessibility

Epic Games is gearing up to introduce its iOS store “later this year,” providing users access to Fortnite. This development aligns with the Digital Markets Act, encompassing EU member countries. The company remains cautious about disclosing detailed plans, emphasizing the need to navigate regulatory timings.


Ongoing Legal Battles and Advocacy

In the midst of these developments, Epic Games maintains a vocal stance in ongoing legal battles against Apple. Through social media, Epic invites followers to anticipate further details and asserts its commitment to proving Apple’s legal infractions. The three-year absence of Fortnite on iOS stems from Apple’s removal of the game due to Epic’s introduction of an independent payment system, sparking a protracted trial.

Challenges in Launching Epic’s Store on iOS

Despite these strides, challenges persist in launching Epic’s app store on iOS. Apple retains control over third-party app stores, potentially impeding Epic’s efforts. The dynamics of this power struggle unfold against the backdrop of a tech industry grappling with antitrust concerns, notes NIXSolutions.

In conclusion, Epic Games’ strategic approach to reintroducing Fortnite to iOS aligns with the evolving landscape of EU antitrust laws. The company’s commitment to legal battles and the forthcoming iOS store launch underscores the intricate challenges within the tech industry’s competitive dynamics.