NIX Solutions: App Store Now Has a Possibility to Pre-Order Apps 6 months Before Launch

Apple has made a policy change to its digital App Store to give device owners the ability to pre-order apps six months in advance. This is reported by Ferra.

The company announced that the developers are now able to give users permission to place a pre-order for the purchase of programs six months before their official launch. Thus, the company expects to help developers warm up the interest of potential buyers. It could also help Apple drive more preorders.

Moreover, pre-order can be made for both paid and free programs. Money for the pre-ordered apps will be withdrawn only after the official release of the program. So, after the application appears in the App Store, the user will be notified of automatic download to the device.

NIX Solutions reminds that pre-ordering became available to users of iOS, macOS and tvOS devices back in 2017. Until now, developers could only publish their apps on the platform 3 months before launch. Such change in App Store policy will allow developers to start promoting a product at the development stage.