NIX Solutions: Opting Out of Personalized Ads Doesn’t Impact Apple Search Ads Performance

According to 9to5Mac, on May 11, Apple held a presentation for its advertising partners. On it, the company said that the refusal of users to transfer personal data has almost no effect on the conversion from Apple Search Ads.

NIX Solutions

Recall that Apple Search Ads is a tool with which publishers of mobile games and applications can bring them to the top of search results on Apple devices.

Now, according to the company, 78% of App Store search traffic comes from devices whose users have disabled personalized ads that collect their personal data for advertisers.

In fact, this means that 78% of users have abandoned it. But Apple claims that this did not affect the conversion from Apple Search Ads, says App2Top. According to the data provided:

  • the average conversion rate for users with personalized ads enabled is 62.1%;
  • The average conversion rate for users with disabled ads is 62.5%.

Considering that the former are more expensive when targeting, Apple itself assures that there is no point in launching advertising campaigns in Apple Search Ads with the expectation of them.

The performance of the action within the conversion will be the same.

NIX Solutions adds that in the presentation, the company also clarified that this data only applies to apps that were promoted directly using Apple’s own solutions, and not third-party services.