NIX Solutions: Apple’s Trademark Pursuits

Apple remains committed to securing its presence in the realm of fruit-related names and imagery. Recently, the tech giant formally lodged trademark applications for “PINE APPLE”. These trademark applications, currently in the “applications” phase, span diverse categories such as scientific instruments, advertising sales, and building renovations.

NIX Solutions

Surpassing Tech Rivals in Trademark Filings

Apple’s trajectory in trademark pursuits has seen the initiation of 215 trademark filings in recent years. This significant number eclipses the combined total of other tech giants including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta (previously known as Facebook), which have amassed 136 cases. Interestingly, among the trademark denials previously initiated by Apple, 17% were subsequently retracted by their respective owners.

Contentions Surrounding Fruit-Inspired Trademarks

Efforts by technology companies to establish exclusive rights to fruit-inspired trademarks often spark controversy. Notably, Apple was embroiled in a memorable dispute with American artist Frankie Paneple concerning the use of the English suffix in her stage name “apple” (apple).

Legal Engagements and Logo Transformations

In the current year, Apple has taken legal action against Fruit Union Suisse, a Swiss fruit producer with a history spanning 111 years and encompassing 8,000 farmers, notes NIX Solutions. Apple’s litigation aims to compel the apple producer to abandon its apple-shaped logo, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to protect its fruit-associated brand identity.