NIXsolutions: Apple’s Second App Store Transparency Report

Apple has published its second App Store Transparency Report, marking the company’s continued commitment to transparency as part of its settlement with App Store developers.

NIX Solutions

Key Statistics and Insights

The report offers a wealth of data on the current state of the App Store. There are now 1,870,119 applications available, a slight increase from last year. Over the year, 6,892,500 applications were submitted for review, with 1,763,812 application versions being rejected. The primary reasons for rejection include performance issues, legal concerns, and design problems. Specifically, the most common rules for deviation were related to Guideline 4.0 (Design), DPLA 3.2(f) (Fraud), and DPLA 6.3 (Intellectual Property Infringement), with 1,156 cases noted.

The report also highlights that 116,117 applications were removed from the App Store. Of the 18,628 application removal appeals, only 322 were successful, indicating a 1.7% chance of recovery. The number of registered developers has grown to 42,219,169, which is approximately 5 million more than the previous year. During this period, 117,843 developer accounts were closed.

User Engagement and Activity

User activity on the App Store remains robust, notes NIXsolutions. Weekly visitor numbers reached 734,673,588, with 787,999,950 application downloads occurring each week. Repeat downloads were notably high at 1,656,894,821. Automatic updates per week amounted to 52,623,848,130, while manual updates were recorded at 562,782,228. On average, 398,499,012 users search for something on the App Store each week.

We’ll keep you updated on future reports and any significant changes in these trends. Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the App Store’s performance and transparency efforts.