NIXSolutions: Apple Released New Chrome Extension

Apple has released a new extension for the Google Chrome browser, the Shazam music recognition service, says MacRumors.

Shazam is a service that allows you to determine the name of a track and its artist from a small fragment. Initially, Shazam worked as an independent service, and in 2017 it was acquired by Apple and built into iOS and iPadOS; Apple device owners can use it simply by asking Siri to recognize the song.


The new extension can be installed by all users of the Google Chrome browser, including those on Windows. The script is available in the official store of Chrome extensions, you can quickly open its page using this link.

Once downloaded and installed, the Shazam icon will appear on the right side of your browser address bar, explains iGuides. By clicking on it, a small panel with controls will open. Here you can turn on the recognition manually, and start the track right here, in the browser, in the active tab. The extension cannot “listen” to tracks from other sources. When the song is recognized, Shazam displays the title and artist and prompts you to open the entire song in Apple Music. If you have a subscription to this service, then you can immediately add the track to the playlist.

In addition to manual recognition, the Shazam extension allows you to view the history of tracks that were previously found, and for Apple Music subscribers it provides the ability to view lyrics and clips.

Apple hasn’t advertised the new extension anywhere, it’s only mentioned on the Shazam website, notes NIXSolutions. Presumably, the reason for this is the unstable operation of the extension. Some users note that the script simply does not run for them. And sometimes the extension cannot recognize tracks that are successfully detected by the native iPhone toolkit. Perhaps Apple is going to “finish” the extension and then inform the public about it.