NIX Solutions: Apple to Introduce Tariffs and Restrictions on 3rd-Party App Downloads

Apple is gearing up to announce policy adjustments in compliance with the European Digital Markets Act (DMA), set to expire in March. The DMA aims to break Apple’s monopoly on iOS software by compelling the tech giant to permit third-party app downloads on the iPhone.


Unraveling Apple’s Strategy

The Wall Street Journal offers insights into Apple’s anticipated plan, revealing a nuanced approach that retains control over both applications and the platform. While specifics remain unclear, indications suggest Apple will continue reviewing and approving all third-party app downloads, coupled with fees for in-app purchases.

Maintaining Control Amidst Regulatory Shifts

If reports hold true, Apple’s approach appears to challenge the DMA’s intended impact, allowing the company to sustain control over iPhone software installation and monetize each application. The DMA, though somewhat ambiguous on compliance for “gatekeepers,” may face additional requirements and enforcement measures from the European Commission post-March, notes NIX Solutions.

The Landscape Beyond March: Industry Readiness

With the impending release of iOS 17.4, Apple is poised to introduce third-party download capabilities in Europe. Industry players are already strategizing to capitalize on these changes. Spotify eyes a direct app distribution method, Microsoft contemplates a dedicated third-party app store for games, and Meta plans a system for app downloads directly from advertisements.