NIX Solutions: Apple Added Check In Feature to iOS 17

Apple introduces a new feature in iOS 17 called Check In, designed to simplify location sharing and ETA notifications with friends and family. Here’s how to use it:

Setting Up Check In
  1. Open Messages: Launch the Messages app and tap the “Start New Chat” icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select Recipient: Add a recipient or search for a recent conversation with the person you want to share your location with.
  3. Access Check In: Tap the “+” icon to the left of the text field, select “Sign Up,” and then tap “Edit.” Two tabs will appear: “When I arrive” and “When the timer expires.”
NIX Solutions
Sharing Location on Arrival
  1. Choose Destination: Under “When I arrive,” click “Change” and enter your destination at the top of the screen. You can also define the perimeter size as small, medium, or large.
  2. Select Transportation: Choose your mode of transport (drive, train, bus, or walk) to see estimated arrival times. If you need extra time, use the “Add Time” button.
  3. Adjust Privacy: Customize the recipient’s view by going to message settings if needed. By default, they can see your location, battery status, and cellular signal.
  4. Send Check In: Send an iMessage with a yellow Check In icon to the recipient, and you’re all set.
Scheduled Time-Based Check In
  1. Time-Based Setup: To schedule based on time, follow the same steps but select “After Timer” after clicking “Edit” in the Messages app.
  2. Set Timer: Use the wheel to set the time and tap “Done.” Send the iMessage as usual.
Automatic Notifications
  1. Stay In Touch: If you’re consistently late, Stay In Touch can automatically notify your friends or family, providing peace of mind.
Proactive Notifications
  • Arrival Alert: If you arrive early, the recipient receives a notification.
  • Missed ETA Alert: If you miss your estimated arrival time, the recipient gets another alert with travel details.

For those who worry when you don’t notify them of your location or ETA, iOS 17’s Check In feature offers a reassuring solution, ensuring that your loved ones stay informed, concludes NIX Solutions.