NIX Solutions: App Store Has 1.78 mln Apps and 37 mln Developers

The 2022 App Store Transparency Report reveals interesting facts about the platform as revealed by the company on its website. At the time of this report, there were 1,783,232 apps available in the App Store. This report is the first to be released since the 2021 App Store Developer Settlement.


Here are some surprising numbers presented in the report:

1. Total number of registered developers: 36,974,015

2. Average number of accounts searching the App Store weekly: 373,211,396

3. Closed accounts: 428,487

4. Number of appeals: 3338

5. Recovered accounts: 159

6. Total number of app reviews conducted: 6,101,913

7. Apps rejected: 1,679,694. Top reasons for not publishing apps include security, performance, business considerations, design, and legal issues. However, after the issues were resolved, 253,466 applications were approved.

8. Removed apps from the App Store: 186,195

Top uninstall categories: Games, Utilities, Business, Education and Lifestyle.

Top reasons for deletion: Design, fraud, violation of the developer’s code of conduct, copyright infringement and spam.

Top countries for app removals: China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey.

This 2022 App Store Transparency Report provides valuable insight into the number of apps, developers, and removals on the platform, notes NIX Solutions. It helps us better understand the processes and criteria that the App Store follows in order to provide a safe and secure experience for users.